Our Latest Event – Come Chat With Us

Springtime has arrived and one of the first indicators is the Annual Home & Garden Show at the OC Fairgrounds.  Yes it’s happening Feb 24-25.  That’s next weekend.  We’ll be there.  Will you?

As you may have seen, our latest big endeavor has been to start a foundation.  Our aim is to help those who would benefit from home healthcare but for whatever reason they cannot afford it.

To let others know about what we are doing, you can visit us next Saturday and/or Sunday, February 24-25, at the OC Fairgrounds for the 47th Annual Home & Garden Show.

At our latest event, we will be located in the Giving Pavilion within the show.  If you come by, you can find out more about what we are doing and if you feel so compelled, we will accept any donations at that time.

Just like Springtime is Here, we are here to help people in our local communities and we appreciate your interest in our mission.  Our Founders have treated patients over many decades and have been discouraged over the amount of people that could not receive the care they needed because of financial reasons.

Our Mission

The Founders also know that finding better solutions and remedies for long-term or critical illnesses will help the communities we all share. Improving healthcare through better treatments, medications, monitoring, and mobility equipment is a goal for all, but it doesn’t stop there…we also hold the belief that every family should have the opportunity to be educated, prepared, and trained to help their loved ones.  And as we all know, this is not a one-size fits all scenario.

Springtime Has Arrived in Your Backyard Too 

In addition to the Giving Pavilion, there will be lots to see for those springtime clean-ups and renewals for your yard and home.  You won’t leave empty handed! 

Get your tickets here in advance and check out the vendors and activities.

Click Here for Tickets

How To Reach Us

If you cannot make it to introduce yourself to us in person, please check us out online at https://tcthealthfoundation.org

Or if you or a family member or friend is searching for home healthcare, please check us out at https://transitioncaretelemetry.com

Either way we love to meet our neighbors and talk about how to better our communities.  

See you there!