This question often arises about foundations, which ones should I consider, why should I donate and how can I be sure the intended will get the help they need. Some feel they have been burned because maybe they didn’t question Why Donate?

So we wanted to do a little blog post on our foundation and why you might consider donating to us.  There are many foundations and we know that many are often torn in how to give, what to give, etc.  Why donate?

Our Foundation

As you will see on our website,, that they goal of our foundation is to help those who need home healthcare or hospice get the care they need.  These are people who would benefit from home care but are unable to afford it.

The Founders have many accumulated years jointly in the healthcare field.  They have seen many adults and elderly suffer with pain, mobile inability, and difficulty that could have been aided by home healthcare.  These people traditionally have no family, friends, or neighbors who could care for them.  They also lack the financial funds to pay.  This foundation is the end result of the Founders’ experiences.

As you well know, many patients are being released from hospitals without adequate follow up care.  And the numbers are increasing as our population ages. 

Reasons “Why Donate?”

  • Health and well-being are often a financial drain as we age, no matter the steps we took to protect ourselves earlier in life.  Home healthcare can prevent necessary hospitalizations, promote faster recovery, and improve overall health outcomes.
  • We all strive for our independence as adults and one of the crucial factors in mental health is still feeling vital, useful, and independent in our lives for as long as we can.  Why Donate?  Home healthcare can help provide them with learning ways to keep independent.
  • Home health is significantly less expensive than hospitalization.  Why Donate?  Giving to home healthcare could be your contribution to creating a more efficient healthcare system, thus reducing overall healthcare costs.
  • Even if a person has help through family members or goodwill of friends or neighbors, they will need relief.  It’s stressful, time-consuming, and burdensome for the help.  It keeps them from their own families so getting relief is certainly a plus. Donating to home healthcare could help in this arena as well.
  • A foundation that supports home healthcare also provides a positive social impact on the community.  It supports home health and helps our society get back to others helping each other. It can be helpful to creating the ‘pay-it-forward’ atmosphere.  We all know it is only a matter of time before something happens to one of us or maybe a loved one.
  • Why Donate? Most of us are aware that the is usual a tax benefit for donations.  Obviously, it depends on your state and local laws.  So not only will you help others by donating but it can benefit you as well.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we know you have choices in life in what to do with your money and we think you are wise to do your homework.  Our Founders are also affiliated with

Please check for the details and requirements for who qualifies, etc on our foundation website.  Thank you for your consideration!!